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Solutions for Personal Use

Personal Video Conferencing

"Concentration is the secret of strength"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

There’s a natural rhythm to collaboration. People need to focus alone or in pairs to generate ideas or process information; then they come together as a group to build on those ideas or develop a shared point of view; and then they break apart again to take next steps.

The more demanding the collaboration task is, the more individuals need punctuating moments of private time to think, to concentrate, & to recharge. When you’re working alone, you’re extremely efficient. Communication is the key to success for every business. Therefore, every discussion or meeting should be face-to-face and crystal clear.

One of the top issues facing users while joining remote meetings is poor audio and video quality. Audio and video quality issues can be caused by a myriad of different factors such as poor network bandwidth, incorrectly configured UC platform software, poor lighting, low resolution or small size displays making presentations unclear, poor sound acoustics, & most importantly choosing inadequate substandard hardware endpoints that are not suited to the room conditions.

    Solutions for Personal Communication can be divided into the following categories:

    Contact Center & Office Headsets Bluetooth Mobile & Gaming Headsets Web Cameras Speaker/ Business & Phones IP & USB Business Phones
    Contact Center & Office Headsets Bluetooth Mobile & Gaming Headsets Web Cameras USB & Bluetooth Speakerphones IP & USB Business Phones

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