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Product Warranty

You have bought the world's best communications headset from Plantronics. Now let us tell you about the unbeatable warranty and after-sales service that comes with every Plantronics solution.


What is the Plantronics Warranty?

We at Plantronics realize that customer satisfaction depends not only on how the product works out of the box, but how well it performs over time. We are so confident in the quality, reliability and dependability of our products that we offer a full two-years warranty on our computer solutions and  two-years warranty on contact centre , Bluetooth and office products.


What is the Plantronics warranty on replaced products?

We are so confident of the high quality of our products that we give on replaced products a minimum of 6-month warranty or the remainder of the original warranty period minus the number of months that passed between the purchase date and the date the product failed.


What can I do with out-of-warranty products? 

All these high quality services are provided free of charge during your initial warranty. However, if your equipment is out of the warranty period, Global Communication is there to help you to continue your business without disruption.


What are the terms and conditions of this warranty?

  • Warranty period – 24 months for Plantronics unified communication headsets, & 24 months for Plantronics computer headsets, contact center headsets (except Encore Pro headsets 36 months), office headsets, & Bluetooth mobile headsets with the condition of activating the warranty via our website or our customer service number, & providing the required proof of purchase (invoice / receipt).
  • This Limited Warranty is only valid in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • During the warranty period “Global Communication” or its authorized service center will replace at “Global Communication’s” sole discretion a defected product after testing it.
  • This warranty is against manufacturing defects only.
  • This warranty is invalid if the defect was caused by; misuse or abuse, exposure to liquids, excessive humidity or extreme environment conditions, unauthorized modifications or repair, improper installation, accident, or other acts beyond the reasonable control of the manufacturer.
  • To claim this warranty the customer shall present the following legible, non-modified documents & items;
    • original warranty card
    • original purchase invoice / receipt
    • unbroken product  
    • product package with contents (e.g. charger or charging case)
  • This is a limited warranty and “Global Communication” shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages owing to the use, or inability to use of this product.
  • Please read the manufacturer’s Limited Warranty and the product’s user guide. This Limited Warranty does not affect the applicable national laws relating to the sale of consumer goods.

New Warranty Card Design:

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Warranty Conditions Card:

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